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Friday, May 28, 2010

Spielberg, Bay "Moving Forward" on TRASH HUMPERS 3D

Hollywood Spectacle-Meister Michael Bay has his eyes set on one thing: Trash.
After attending a packed screening of Harmony Korine’sTrash Humpers, in Los Angeles, Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg see dollar signs in trash cans.

“It just blew me away,” commented Bay after seeing the screening. “These kids in Nashville, with nothin’ but a VHS camera and some shitty costumes. I loved it!”
With their mega billion dollar Transformers franchise running its course, Spielberg and Bay are looking for a new series to tackle, and Trash Humpers could be just what the doctor ordered.
Spielberg commented, “We’re putting together Men In Black in 3D, and after seeing this, I thought, why not? These characters are so strong, I’d watch Trash Humpers in space, for god’s sake.”

Bay added, “It definitely needs some car chases…and shit that blows up.”
With that, Spielberg shouted…”It could be just like Temple of Fucking Doom!

After snorting a brief hit of cocaine off of a young actress’s breasts, Bay began storyboarding a major set piece for the decisive third act of Trash Humpers 3D, involving the three unnamed elderly protagonists battling a thousand trash cans.
Spielberg took a sip of Remy Martin and whispered softly to Bay.
“Will the trash cans turn into robots at the end?” asked Spielberg.
Bay took a quick snort of coke and replied. “No, but they’ll all look like Megan Fox!”

Trash Humpers is now playing in select cities nationwide.
Trash Humpers 3D will open everywhere July 4th Weekend, 2012.
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